Mary's family traveled west from
New York during her childhood.

She grew up in southern California.
Today she shares a home in Berkeley with sister and fellow quilter, Roberta Horton.

Westward Ho!
72" x 81"

Make-Believe Summer at the Beach
75" x 81"


Mary has two degrees in Home Economics and worked in and taught interior design where others paid her to practice making color and design decisions.


She is a professionally trained teacher and has taught high school, community college, adult education, and for the California State Department of Education. In 1985 she graduated from San Francisco's Mercy High School for the twelfth and final time.


Breakfast at Cafe Beaujolais
40.5" x 57"


Farewell to Mercy
56" x 71"


As a full-time quilt teacher and author,
Mary has taught in 41 states, Canada, Denmark, Great Britain, Ireland, New Zealand, Spain, South Africa, and The Netherlands.

Night Noises: Londolozi
62" x 62"
Checker Cab: New York City, 2:00 A.M.
64" x 64"


Mary has been invited to appear at some wonderful quilt conferences. Here are a few:

International Quilt Festival/Houston, TX, 2011 (also 18 previous times)

International Quilt Festival/Long Beach, CA, 2011 (also 2 previous times)

International Quilt Festival/Chicago, IL, 2009 (also 3 previous times)

Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza, PA , 2009 (also 4 previous times)

Festival de Patchwork Internacional, Sitges, Spain, 2009

Pacific International Quilt Festival, CA, 2007 (also 8 previous times)

Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival, VA, 2007 (also 7 previous times)

Denver Quilt Festival, CO, 2006

Cedar Lakes Conference Center, WV, 2006, (also 2 previous times)

A Mountain Quiltfest, Pigeon Forge, TN, 2005

Rooted in Tradition: the Art Quilt Symposium, Golden, CO, 2005 - RMQM Website

Patchwork & Quilt Expo IX, Den Haag, The Netherlands, 2004


Mary has exhibited her prize winning quilts at national conferences and juried shows such as Quilt National and Visions.



Harajuku Street Fashion
73" x 73"

Shown at Houston International Quilt Festival, Fall, 2004, and at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival, Spring, 2005

She has also exhibited in several invitational shows.

Mixed Greens
57" x 57"
Women of Taste
Girls Incorporated, Smithsonian Traveling Exhibits

Roundabout Dots
60" x 60"
Double Vision: Companions and Choices
Rod Buffington

Mary has created 14 garments for the Bernina, Fairfield, and American Quilter Society fashion Shows.

Miyake Stripes

Off the Shelf Stripes

Shibui Stripes and Dots

Mary has organized and curated ten shows of quilts and/or garments. Several of these exhibitions have appeared in national and international venues.




48" x 90"
Gaijin: Quilters Visit Japan


Quake of '89
43.5" 57.5"
73" x 83"


Mary attends Bernina National Artisan Retreats to
sharpen her machine skills.

Mary with Hanspeter Ueltschi, President BERNINA
International AG. Switzerland, 12/06


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